Pack and Ship

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Pack and Ship Company

Selecting the right pack and ship company for your business is an important decision. You put immense amounts of trust in them and you need them to be consistent and reliable. When you have a great pack and ship company to work with, your business will run more smoothly with fewer headaches.

What are Pack and Ship Companies?

Pack and ship companies are part of supply chain management solutions. Instead of a small online retailer securing their own warehouse space, hiring shipping department staff, purchasing the appropriate packing materials, and negotiating shipping deals with couriers, a pack and ship company is hired to fulfill all of these roles. Using an external company to fill the role of shipping department allows you to focus other parts of the business.

As internet retail companies increase in numbers every year, the need for good pack and ship companies is also increasing. Many of these services are out there, but how do you find the perfect one for your business?

1) Reputation

Before selecting the pack and ship company for your business, make sure they have an impeccable reputation. Ask them for references from previous or current clients. Look them up online and consider both positive and negative reviews. Ask colleagues in your industry which pack and ship companies they use and if they are happy with the partnership.

A good pack and ship company will have a reputation of being accurate and on-time.

2) Good Use of Technology

Some pack and ship companies are set up to allow you to check the status of your orders in real-time using specialized websites or apps. This access to real-time information allows you to keep your customers satisfied with excellent service.

The pack and ship company you choose should supply you with shipment confirmations in an easily trackable format.

3) The Right Warehouse

Depending on your product, you might need to find a pack and ship company with a specialized warehouse. If your product requires either cooled or heated storage, you will need to find a company that fills these requirements.

4) Centralized Location

A pack and ship company that is centrally located and close to many shipping routes will ensure that your product will arrive in a timely manner to any part of the country.

It is important to carefully consider all of the suitable pack and ship companies before making a final decision. A poorly managed company can cause your business to look bad with late packages, mistakes in stocking, and damaged goods. You can lose time and money if you choose the wrong pack and ship company to work with.

A good pack and ship company should be one that you can rely on every day. They should ensure that your product is shipped on time and accurately. You should be able to easily track any individual shipment from warehouse to destination.

Partnering with a pack and ship company like ePakShip allows you to have peace of mind. You can trust that your products will accurately and efficiently get to their destinations. ePakShip is your trusted partner in fulfillment solutions. Contact us to know more information.