Pick Pack Ship

We create a pick/pack/ship process designed specifically for your company.

Running a business can be very difficult and expensive, especially if you sell products online and handle the process entirely on your own. By working with pack and ship companies, however, you can reduce a lot of the cost and make the process a lot easier for you and your employees. What’s more, it will even make it easier for you to expand your business in the future. If you’re interested in saving money and expanding your business, then read on to find out how you can get started now! 

The main reason to work with pack and ship companies, rather than handling that process entirely on your own, is that it will save your business money in the end. To store, pack, and ship products to your customers on your own requires you to not only rent or own a warehouse but also to hire employees to handle the process. As you can imagine, this is very expensive and time-consuming, especially as your business grows and you are required to ship more and more products to customers. 

While it is impossible to completely avoid spending money when it comes to selling your products online, an affordable and smart choice working with pack and ship companies, like us. Our fulfillment center and dedicated employees ensure that you do not need to worry about things like renting space for storage or having employees to pack and ship your product for customers. 

What’s more, by helping you save money and reducing your need for employees, pack and ship companies like us actively help in progressing your business’s expansion. After all, as your business grows, you will need to ship more and more products. This means more warehouse space and more employees to handle the pack and ship process. By working with pack and ship companies that have their own fulfillment centers, you will effectively eliminate this problem, allowing you to instead focus on everything else that keeps your business going. 

Here at ePakShip, our main priority is working with your business and making things work for you. That means creating a custom process that works specifically for your business’ needs. As with many pack and ship companies, our services come with a wide variety of tools and options for you to leverage. So, whether it involves customers purchasing products from an online storefront, or your employees processing orders with our fulfillment center, we guarantee that the process will be easier, more affordable, and ultimately better for your business and customers in the long run.

Choosing amongst the many pack and ship companies can seem daunting, but we work with your business to match its needs, set up a customized online portal for you, and also handling inventory management and shipping. All that you and your employees need to worry about is ordering the products you need through the online portal. After doing so, we will pack the products, ship them, and create a tracking report. It really is that easy and convenient for your company when you choose to work with us. Since we are located in Lexington, Kentucky, our shipping services can reach most of the country in only three days at most, meaning that we are convenient not only for your needs but also for the needs of your customers. So, if you have been considering pack and ship companies, now is the time. Contact us today and get started saving money and expanding your business.